Dyno Tuning in Danville

When you are looking to optimize your Ford engine, the auto performance shop PowerCurve Motorsports LLC is the place to visit. Offering the finest dyno tuning services in all of Danville, we promise more torque, peak power, and incomparable throttle control—and that’s just the beginning.

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Bring Out the Best in Your Vehicle

Everyone wants to harness all the power their vehicles have to offer, but sometimes it isn’t always easy. Motorists don’t always get an up-front opportunity to modify their modern vehicle’s engine computer. Instead, they need to seek out the services of an auto performance specialist that truly understands the diagnostics and vitals of a vehicle.

Where do the motorists in our region turn to when they want to plug the preferred settings for fuel economy and improved drivability into their engine? They turn to us. Over the years, we have helped countless Ford motorists reap all the benefits of their vehicle’s prized engines.

When you want to get the most out of your Ford Mustang, our shop is the one to visit. We make sure that you get the absolute most out of your vehicle. Call us today to learn a little more.

Ford Mustangs Are Our Specialty

Modern Ford Mustangs are perhaps the most powerful automobiles on the road today. Year after year, they retain their iconic status and only continue to outpace the competition—both figuratively and literally.

With the 2020 Ford Mustang, motorists get a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, making it the most powerful street-legal vehicle available today. The modern Mustang also takes suspension to a whole new level with the use of magnet technology—and we haven’t even started talking about the EcoBoost models available today.

Benefits of Dyno Tuning

When you invest in an in-house dyno tuning service, you get the benefits of:

  • Maximum power
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Smoother ride
  • Enhanced airflow
  • More torque
  • And more

Extend Your Engine’s Life

When we perform a dyno tune, we aren’t hacking into your engine’s computer or putting it at risk of early failure. We are maximizing the power and efficiency of your vehicle in a risk-free manner. In fact, a dyno tune will even increase the lifespan of your prized engine. You’ll see fewer costly repairs in the future, a decrease in engine backfires, and a return to stock fuel economy.

When you invest in a dyno tuning, you’re not just making matters easier for the motorist—you’re making things easier for the vehicle, too.

Tap into Your Car’s Potential Today

Ford has ranked the most reliable of all American manufacturers for decades, and with good reason. The Ford specialists at our performance shop make sure that your Ford remains at the top of the list for fuel economy, drivability, torque, and more for years to come.

Tap into your car’s unrivaled potential. Call us at (704) 805-4945 to schedule your custom dyno tune session.