Dyno Tuning in Raleigh

Everyone wants their vehicle to operate as efficiently as possible. You want added fuel economy, more power, and the best driving experience the vehicle can muster. If you’re looking to access your Ford’s untapped potential, we invite you to contact Raleigh’s finest auto performance shop, PowerCurve Motorsports LLC.

Specializing in custom dyno tunes, we modify the files and software in your ECU to give you the best driving experience possible. Our approach means no replacement parts, minimal downtime, and the promise of a long-lasting engine.

Your vehicle is a valuable piece of machinery. Let the professionals look after it. Call (704) 805-4945 today.

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Dyno Tunes Save You Money

Custom dyno tunes for Ford vehicles aren’t just about improving the drivability of the vehicle today. Rather than simply harnessing your engine’s power for short-term benefits related to torque and power, a dyno tune actually optimizes your engine, so it operates in the most efficient way possible. When you get extra power, it won’t come at the cost of your vehicle’s lifespan. The dyno tune will actually add to the longevity of your engine.

Fewer Repairs, Fewer Costs

Dyno-tuned engines do not have to work as hard as other un-tuned engines because they are optimized to handle the everyday—and extreme—driving conditions. We reduce the chance of wear-and-tear, minimize the risk of engine backfire, and so much more.

Save Big with Us

Everyone knows that a custom dyno tune will do wonders for a vehicle. At the end of the day, though, motorists are concerned with the bottom line. How much will a dyno tune cost me today? Will it impact the future maintenance costs of my vehicle?

The up-front costs of a dyno-tune come to anywhere from $400 to $700, but that is nothing when stacked against the money you’ll save on fuel, maintenance costs, and engine repairs in the future.

Added Fuel Economy and More

Fuel economy is of the utmost importance in this day and age. When we purchase a vehicle, it might have great mileage at the outset, but that doesn’t always last for long. Wear and tear can diminish a vehicle’s efficiency and lead to a reduction in fuel economy. When your vehicle requires more fuel, you only wind up spending more and more money than you ever intended.

Do you want to boost your vehicle’s efficiency? If so, our custom dyno tune services will surely give you what you need. We can reconfigure your engine computer’s settings or simply revert them to the factory conditions.

Invest in Your Ford Vehicle Today

An in-house dyno tune doesn’t just give you a faster or more powerful vehicle. Custom dyno tuning enhances every aspect of your vehicle for the better. You’ve already invested a lot of time and money into your vehicle, so why not make sure your vehicle stands the test of time?

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