Dyno Tuning in Spartanburg

If you are looking for a performance shop that specializes in custom dyno tunings for Fords, look no further than PowerCurve Motorsports LLC. When you’ve already put so much time and energy into your vehicle, why not skip the mail-order tunes and invest in a custom tuning?

Promising complete turnarounds on auto performance, and a variety of other services geared to high-performance Mustangs and other Ford models, we are the specialists for you.

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Custom Tuning for Ford Vehicles

Vehicles add efficiency to our day-to-day lives. With a personal vehicle, we can commute with ease, arrive on time, and the weather can rarely hold us back. As great as your vehicle may be, it still has more to offer you. More torque, more power, less turbo lag, and so much more. How can you tap into your engine’s vast reserves of power and efficiency? With the help of custom dyno tuning and the Ford specialists at our auto performance shop, that's how!

What Is a Custom Dyno Tune?  

A custom dyno tune refers to the modifications and enhancements made to your Ford’s engine computer. While there are mail-order kits available to motorists that make stock modifications, a custom tune optimizes your vehicle in a way that corresponds to your day-to-day environment. Is drivability a concern for you? Make your daily commutes a little smoother with a custom dyno tune.

Reap All the Benefits of a Custom Tuning

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Our Approach to a Dyno Tune

For the uninitiated, a dyno is a ramp-like machine that measures an engine’s vital statistics. We drive your Ford onto the dyno and strap it down, where we then recreate road conditions of all varieties. The dyno’s computer records all the information we gather from these tests. With this information, we are able to tune your vehicle properly. Factors we record during the dyno tuning include:

  • Turbo boost pressure
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Fuel mixtures
  • Airflow
  • RPMs
  • And more

Quick Turnarounds on Services

No one wants to be without their vehicle for long. Being motorists ourselves, we understand this as well as anyone. For this reason and more, we pledge to have your vehicle ready for the road as quickly as possible. If we promise a quick turnaround time for the tuning, you can bet we will stick to our promise.

Bring Your Ford to Us Now

Have you been resisting the urge to modify the specs in your Ford engine’s computer? Have you been telling yourself there is no reason to optimize an engine that already treats you nicely? Take it from us, you’ll truly love the added torque, power, and added fuel economy a custom dyno tune provides.

Why settle for a generic tune when you can take the custom approach?  Call us at (704) 805-4945 today to book our services.