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Leaders in Ford Mustang Performance

If you are looking to upgrade your Ford automobile in any way, we invite you to contact the leading experts in performance upgrades at PowerCurve Motorsports LLC.

Whether you’re curious about custom dyno tuning, or after-market suspensions, we can most certainly help you. With our premier auto parts and expert technicians, we’ll transform your vehicle into something extraordinary.

We Understand Mustangs

With countless driver-friendly features, appealing cabin materials, and unrivaled engines, the modern Mustang is one the most beloved vehicles on the road today. It delicately straddles the modern and the classic, and there are ample opportunities for owners to customize them as they see fit.

While many drivers might love the Mustang, only select professionals truly understand the complexities beneath the hood. Rest assured, there is no shop more qualified than ours to oversee the performance upgrades of your incredible vehicle.

Custom Dyno Tuning at Your Service

Dyno tuning provides a significant uptick in power, enhanced drivability, and improved fuel economy—and that’s just the half of it. Our team can also adjust the shift patterns of electronically controlled transmissions.

Every tuning session is completely customized and suited to your specifications. Would you like to boost your Mustang’s horsepower or over performance? If so, our tuning services are what you are looking for.

Performance Upgrades for Great Rates

Affordability is central to the way we do business. We want to make sure all motorists have a chance to enhance the performance of their vehicles. With our rates, such upgrades are more than attainable. We will make sure you get the vehicle you want—for a price you can handle.



Our Services

The Auto Upgrades You Can Handle

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of performance part installation, custom dyno tuning, and auto upgrades. Along with our signature customer service, we provide:

  • Custom dyno tuning
  • Performance part installations
  • After-market suspensions
  • Supercharger services
  • Exhaust upgrades
  • Air-intake modifications
  • General auto performance enhancement
  • And more

Whether you are looking to modify the air-intake system in your vehicle, or you’d like to enhance the overall performance with a series of tweaks and parts upgrades, we can help you. Over the years, we’ve refined our business to suit the everyday customer’s needs.

With competitive rates, fast turnarounds, and impeccable services, we don’t just give you the service you need—we give you the service you want. Call us today.

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Vehicles are a major investment. Why not make sure your vehicle is customized to your tastes and operated at top efficiency?

Request the services of our experienced team today. We will provide you with an overview of our services, give you free quotes and estimates, and more.

Our phone number is (704) 805-4945, and we cannot wait to work with you.